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  • What does REPOT BOX accept?
    REPOT BOX accepts all empty cannabis packaging! That include vape batteries and cartridges, glass and plastic jars and tubes, metal tins, etc. The packaging will need to be clearly labeled as cannabis. Please note: detachable lids do not qualify as 2 pieces of packaging, or 2 points.
  • Where can I find a participating dispensary that works with REPOT BOX?
    * REPOT BOX will be coming to a dispensary near you soon! * You will be able to find a list of participating dispensaries on our website or by contacting our team. Be sure to check our newsletter and instagram ( for regular updates.
  • How do I sign up for REPOT BOX's rewards program?
    Signing up for our rewards program is easy! Simply sign up here and after providing some basic information, you'll earn your 1st point by joining the REPOT BOX Rewards program.
  • Is there a maximum amount of packaging accepted per day/per store by REPOT BOX?
    At checkout, you can return 5 pieces of packaging, per store, per day.
  • Can I have REPOT BOX at an event?
    Yes! Reach out to us :)
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